DC Emergency Rental Assistance Program

The District of Columbia is pleased to assist District residents seeking assistance with their rent or utilities.


On Monday, April 12, 2021 Mayor Bowser announced the launch of Stronger Together by Assisting You (STAY DC), a new platform to consolidate the District’s rental assistance programs during the COVID-19 public health emergency. DC renters seeking assistance with their rent or utilities due to hardships experienced during the public health emergency can apply on the new platform stay.dc.gov


If you need rental assistance, we ask that you begin collecting the required documents to apply. Adequate supporting documentation is an important component of the application process as it serves as the basis through which the District can validate your eligibility to participate in the program. The list below provides you with an overview of the documentation requirements for the STAY DC program. A complete application will require the following documents to be uploaded:


  1. Proof of identity;
  2. Proof of loss of income OR proof of significant cost incurred OR proof of financial hardship OR proof of risk of experiencing housing instability or homelessness;
  3. Proof of income for each member of the household;
  4. Proof of lease or rental agreement; and
  5. Copy of most recent bill or statement, if applying for utility assistance


Please click here for a detailed list of documents for each category listed above. If you have questions regarding any component of the application and the required documents, please call our new call center created for this initiative at 833-4-STAYDC.

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